The Proven Story.

Discover how our founder put an end to canker sores through his diet.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
- Thomas Edison


The process of elimination:

How a 66-year-old construction worker solved his canker sore problem.

We know how it feels to exhaust every health solution, with little to no results. When you’re in the 11th hour, Proven Meals are here to help. Our easy-to-follow meal plans can help you end autoimmune disease symptoms, such as a weakened immune system or canker sores.

What he tried.

What worked and what didn't.

#1 Mouthwash and Vitamins.

The doctor prescribed mouthwash to no avail. Over time, Mark developed large boils under his tongue and on his cheeks. He couldn’t eat or talk without pain. Suspecting a nutritional imbalance, he tried several vitamins over the next three years. Nothing helped. All he could do was soothe the sores with a toothbrush and tooth-numbing ointment.

#2: Food Experimentation.

Desperate for a long-term solution, Mark turned to his diet. He removed several foods and ate others in moderation. Finally, in his 30s, things improved. He went days to months between canker sores. While he didn’t know what caused his ailment, he learned what foods helped.


The success story.

Guided by nutrition books, trial, and error, Mark identified the foods, vitamins, and minerals that worsened his condition. He’s now in his 60s and has near-perfect health, with no pain and not a single canker sore. He works with his hands, plays sports, and doesn’t wear glasses. He hasn’t seen a doctor for a cold or sore throat in over 20 years. Mark proved that food experimentation works, and the rest is history.

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